You can rest assured you have selected the correct mattress set. Since your body has grown accustomed to your current mattress, it is important to give your body time to acclimate.

Our Warranty—What’s Covered Under Normal Use
Our warranty is provided in detail in this handout but, in summary, our warranty covers defects in mate-rials and workmanship. The use of a warranty by our customers is minimal, but the information below is provided to help you identify whether or not you may be one of the few who do have a product defect as covered by our warranty. (Note: This is not an all-inclusive list.)
 Body impressions with more than 1 1/2” indentation if the mattress is supported by matching box foundation and used with an appropriate frame or center support/slat system. See Body Impressions and Center Support .
 Wire that is loose or broken and protruding through the cover of your mattress.
 Broken, split or loose wood slats in the box foundation as long as it has not been abused.
 Handles that have pulled out of the mattress.
 Labor and material cost is covered at 100% if there are no signs of abuse to the mattress set.
 Defects in materials and workmanship covered by warranty.
Our Warranty—What’s NOT Covered
 Body impressions with 1 1/2” or less indention.
 Damage or sagging due to the use of a worn or insufficient box foundation or improper bed frame.
 Comfort preference, bedding height, and size.
 Fabric cover including stains, soiling, pilling and burns.
 Transportation cost associated with warranty claims.
 Any damage to mattress or box foundation from abuse or improper use.
 Any product even if defective that is in an unsanitary conditions, liquid penetrated, damaged with cleaning chemicals or shows any sign of misuse or abuse.
 Items not manufactures by Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory. A manufacturer’s warranty may apply to these items. See your sales associate for details.
Unsanitary Conditions / Use of Cleaning Fluids: Allowing your mattress set to be in an unsanitary condition, as a result of, among other things, staining, soiling, or pest infestation, may damage your sleep set and void your warranty. Additionally, the use of cleaning fluids may damage the fabric and materials in you mattress and invalidate your warranty. For health and safety reasons, Brothers Bed-ding Mattress Factory may not be able to inspect these products to assess whether they are covered by the warranty. Similarly, BBMF reserves the right to deny warranty coverage where your mattress set exhibits signs of pest infestation, stains or soiling of unknown origin or nature, and it appears to BBMF, in good faith, that the product may be in an unsanitary condition or may have been damaged by liquid penetration, cleaning chemicals, or other abuse.

Return Policy
FOR YOUR PROTECTION, Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory sells only new bedding products with all new materials. Therefore, we do not accept returns or exchanges on upholstered bedding products, including, but not limited to mattresses, box foundations, pillows, sheets, mattress pads, covers and protectors. Hardware such as frames and headboards may be returned within 30 days of purchase with an accompanying receipt, provided that it has not been damaged or used in original packaging. Returns on hardware that has been opened will be subject to a 15% re-stocking fee.
120 Night Sleep Guarantee
The vast majority of our customers are very happy with our product. We make every effort to fit you to the proper bed at the time of purchase. In the unusual situation where a customer has a non-warranty issue related to personal comfort preferences, we offer a one-time comfort adjustment on bedding we manufacture, as described below.
 Sleep a minimum of 14 nights on each side of a two-sided mattress.
 Let your body adjust to the feel of your new mattress set.
 Once you have completed the above, you may request a one-time comfort adjustment during the first 120 nights after delivery.
 No labor or material cost to customers to make this one-time adjustment. The only cost to the customer is transportation cost from and to your home.
To submit a warranty claims or 120 Night Sleep Guarantee you will need the original invoice to verify your purchase.

If you need to speak with a service manager call 865-689-2373 Ext 1006

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on any mattress or foundation purchase; however, we will make every effort to adjust the comfort level to your satisfaction.


Once a product has been out of our control, we don’t allow it back into our retail or manufacturing environment for the protection of all of our customers and our inventory. While some mattress retailers resell used mattresses or increase the price of their mattresses to cover the cost of returns, Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory believes it is not in the best interests of our customers to do so.

We want all of our customers to rest assured knowing that when they purchase a product from Brothers Bedding Mattress Factory, it is brand new and has never been used by anyone else.


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