Mattress FAQ's and common questions.

Brothers Bedding factory makes your mattress the day before we delivery to you or you can pick it up if you choose.

  • Warranties are a difficult part of shopping for a mattress. Most national brand name manufactures’ offer warranties from one to 20 years. Warranties only cover defects in materials and workmanship. Normal wear and tear considered. If you have a warranty problem the warranty will cover 100% pf the labor and material cost to repair or replace defective mattress or box spring. Broken or protruding coils and wire are rare under normal usage. Over time, mattress will wear out.
  • When shopping for a mattress look for best support and most comfortable mattress, at a price that you can afford. Ask sales associate for complete details.
  • Mattresses today are made with twice the foam and padding that they were made with years ago. This natural settling or body impression is normal. Flip your mattress. We offer two sided mattresses that last much longer than a one sided mattress. We offer a flip service at the point of sale. It is a great way to flip your mattress regularly. No hassle for you.
  • If you spill anything that stains the mattress, leave it uncovered so it can dry out on its own. Don’t use water based products to clean your mattress. We also offer Scotch guard treatment at the point of sale. Scotch guard will repel water until you can blot it away.
  • Brothers Bedding accepts checks, cash, credit cards or financing. We have four different types of financing. Call us for details. Most financing offers no money down.

Correct posture is an important part of your mattress and foundation. So when shopping for a mattress, have your salesperson check the position of your hips and lower back, the heaviest parts of your midsection. While the mattress and box spring set acts as a complete support system, the innerspring inside your mattress provides most of the support. The heavier the spring, the better the support and durability the mattress will provide. So when evaluating the quality of the mattress you are considering, ask your sales person for information on the types of coils used in the mattress.

Brothers Bedding makes all sizes and shapes of mattresses for your boat, camper, truck, antique bed, or any size that you want. When you measure your special size mattress, be sure to allow one inch or even 1.5” total on length and width. If you are not sure how to measure your custom size mattress, you can bring to or factory or mail a template of the mattress and we will figure it out for you. Also if you have a water bed, the usual size of queen waterbed “60 x 84” and a king waterbed is usually “72 x 84”.

When should I replace my mattress and box/foundation?

Replacement is driven by two things: comfort level of your existing mattress and the quality of the padding, when the mattress is made. Brothers Bedding makes a mattress that will stay comfortable for 15 years period! It is very difficult to compare mattresses when shopping. The sales person must tell you what the materials are inside the mattress. If you shop at Brothers Bedding first, or last you will understand what your personal mattress has inside and we have a sample on the sales floor that you can see inside your mattress. You are welcome to come by when we make your personal mattress.

Do you deliver?

Brothers Bedding deliveries are available to our customers 5 days a week, Tuesday thru Saturday. We do have a delivery charge that will vary, depending on the location of your home. Call any of our stores for details. All deliveries originate from our factory at 906 Callahan Drive, Knoxville TN 37912. And you can pick-up at the same location.

How do we get your mattress set up a tight staircase?

Sometimes our customers need a split foundation system (2 pieces) to go up a tight stair case in an older home. We can do that for queen or full size sets. King size sets have a standard split foundation already. The mattress is not as difficult because a mattress can flex to get around tight spaces. Brothers Bedding highly recommends that all new mattresses and foundations are supported by a new frame. A new frame will support your new mattress set the way it should be supported.

Your weight and height is something that you must consider when choosing a new set of bedding.

Brothers bedding can custom make any size, firmness or softness that you need regardless of your situation. Customer bedding is one our specialties.

Do I have to flip my mattress to get the full warranty?

No, you are not required to flip your mattress to receive the full warranty. A mattress warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, not the gradual loss of comfort or support. Using both sides of a mattress by periodically rotating and flipping your mattress will extend the life of your mattress set and can help minimize body impressions. On a single sided mattress, you are basically sleeping in the same spot every night, which will accelerate the wear and tear on the only sleeping surface.

What are the standard sizes of our mattress sets?

These are the standard sizes for all twin, full, queen, and king size mattresses.

  • Twin 38 x 74
  • Full 54 x 74
  • Queen 60 x 80
  • King 76 x 80

Depending on how thick your new mattress is, it can vary 1” to 1.5”. If you buy a queen or king, you will probably rest better because of the extra room you will have. A queen is wider and longer that a full size. Also a king is much wider and is the same length as a queen size.

National name brands will try to promote one sided, no flip mattresses. Brothers Bedding offer a 2 sided, flippable mattress that will last much longer than a one sided, non flippable mattress. (It just makes sense). Some name brand stores promote that new technology will make a one sized mattress hold up for 8 years. With a Brothers Bedding 2 sided, flippable mattress, you can expect to last to 15 years or longer (wear and care considered). Simply put, a two sided, flippable mattress is the right choice for your money.

Brothers Bedding offers all types of financing. Twelve to 60 months. Ask one of our sales people the details. Call one of our stores if you would like to know details of the choices you have, before you shop.